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If You Need Parts or Spares - Corsa Spares Can Help

Here you can find the part or spares you have been looking for and save yourself time, our parts listings are of original genuine parts for Vauxhall Corsa found in good, working condition.

If you need a specific part for your car you could go to the local garage or dealership, you may have to wait a couple of days or weeks but eventually you get your part and they will fit it for you all for a price. Including a percentage to cover their premises, profit margin and the labour costs needed to fit it. Or you can find and fit it yourself, saving money and getting personal satisfaction from having hands on.

I know what you are thinking, cue hours spent hunched over a laptop or weekends going around local garages and breakers yards, all to find a specific part correct for your model of Corsa. I know how time consuming and difficult it can be to find the exact part you need for your car, I have been there.

Corsa Spares is a little family side business, I spend time with my boys finding the cars, removing the parts and spares, cleaning them up and then listing them on eBay. We aim to deliver original geuine parts that are in good working condtition and help save our buyers from all that wasted valuable time.

Our Used Parts

We have a list of our most recent or current parts on this site, which when clicked goes to our eBay pages.

All the parts are in good working order as we state in their descriptions, any light damage is described and we guarantee all the parts we sell.

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Why buy new, when old will do

While finding our own spares we made good contacts with many of the local garages and breakers and we made them aware of our interest in Corsa spare parts. Which means we can find most parts for Vauxhall Corsa models B, C and D.

If you are after a specific Corsa part, phone me, send a email or use the form provided.

Please be as specific as possible with regard to the part you are after, send us your registration number and we will do our best to help.

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Our Contacts

Our contacts page has all our current contact information, use it to get in touch with us or to request parts you don't see currently listed on our ebay shop.

If phoning Ask for SAM and we will see if we can help.

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